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    Haa all set to host 110th National Day

    Posted 16 December 2017 | 12:46 pm

      Haa Dzongkhag is now all prepared to host 110th National Day tomorrow.  The National Day will be held at Lhakhang Karpo. This is the first time that the dzongkhag will be hosting the National Day.

    Lhakhag Karpo built in the 17th century; a seat of Ap Chundu, Haa’s guardian deity is festooned and draped with colorful fabrics.  A festive mood for National Day celebration surrounds Lhakhang Karpo. Haa has been preparing for the nation’s most significant day for two months.

    “As soon as His Majesty the King declared to celebrate 110th national Day in Haa, we started preparing for it. It has been 2 months since the preparation started and as of yesterday everything is complete. And if you look behind me, we are doing the final rehearsal for the day,” said Haa Dzongdag, Kinzang Dorji.

    The courtyard in front of the Lhakhang is arranged to accommodate around 4,000 people. According to Dzongdag, another 4000 people will be seated by the two different sides of the Lhakhang and a Live will be broadcasted with projectors.  The programs are said to be Haa’s authentic Cultures.

    “The programs here are all unique and different from the other dzongkhags. All the performances are traditional practices and dances performed by the people of Haa for ages. For instance, Haap’s Auesa, Lolay and Chundu’s Gongzhey, and a rigser will be performed by the senior citizens here,” added the Haa Dzongdag. “And along with the Tokha by His Majesty The king, we will be celebrating Lombha which coincides with National Day.”

    Lhakhang Karpo will be consecrated on the National Day tomorrow. His Majesty The King, His Majesty the Fourth King, and Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen will grace the National Day celebration.



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    People of Haa to celebrate Lomba with His Majesty tomorrow

    Posted 16 December 2017 | 12:45 pm

      As Haa wears a festive mood, so does its people. They will celebrate this Lomba with His Majesty The King while the nation marks its 110th National Day tomorrow.

    As Kado prepares hoentay, the Lomba specialty, he knows tomorrow is going to be an extraordinary day. In his last 70 years, he has never looked forward to the festival as he does this time.

    Like every household in Haa, Kado has already prepared his share of the dumpling to be taken to the National Day celebrations at Lhakhang Karpo. There, heand his fellow haaps will feast with His Majesty the King.

    “We feel fortunate as we will get to celebrate this Lomba with His Majesty The King. We are all excited,” said Kado.

    Other people’s mood is nothing different from Kado.

    “We are happy we will get to meet both His Majesty The King and His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. Lomba is a special and fun-filled occasion. I have been looking forward to the festival this year,” said a woman named Pem Zam.

    Lomba is the New Year festival celebrated in Haa on the 29th day of the 10th Bhutanese month. It is the only New Year festival celebrated much earlier than people in other parts of the country. The celebrations last for a week.

    Along with Lomba, people of Haa also have another reason to celebrate. The bastion of Ap Chundu, Lhakhang Karpo, is being elevated after eight long years.


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    RICBL launches Travel Insurance Policy for pilgrims

    Posted 16 December 2017 | 12:44 pm

    The Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited (RICBL) has launched a new insurance scheme for people traveling for pilgrimage.

    “Nyekor Nyensung Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy” was launched at the RICBL Office in Gelegphu earlier this week. The policy is for pilgrims traveling to India, Nepal and within the country. It will cover the risk of pilgrims, travelling outside or within the country for spiritual purposes through the tour operators.

    “Bhutanese pilgrims who go to India like Bodh Gaya and Nepal are eligible to avail this policy. Should something happen, so all these risks are covered in the policy like death, contingency cover where we give medical evacuation, repatriation of dead body if there is any and search missing person,” said an official named Sangay Wangdi from RICBL office in Thimphu.

    Such insurance policy, according to some elderly people will benefit pilgrims, if any misfortune befalls on them.

    In the event of mishaps while on pilgrimage, an insured person can claim a maximum of Nu 100,000. If an insured pilgrim goes missing for seven or more consecutive days, the company will pay Nu 30,000. In case the pilgrim dies, he or she will get full insured amount.  One can insure maximum of Nu 430,000 under the travel insurance scheme.

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