About Bhutan

Bhutan is a beautiful and peaceful country. The surrounding mountains coupled with the wide array of vegetation and wildlife is a beautiful sight that tells you just how magical it is!

Bhutan is a very unique vacation travel destination. It is not commercialized like most vacation destinations you visit. The country cherishes a “high value low volume” tourism policy for the preservation of the country’s unique heritage and culture in a fast changing world. Relatively few travelers get to visit this tiny magical kingdom, but for those who do, the experience is unforgettable!

Quick Facts

  • Size: 38,394 sq. km.
  • Population: Slightly over 700,000
  • Religion: Predominantly Buddhism (Mahayana Buddhism)
  • Language: Dzongkha (national language) and English (widely spoken)
  • Political System: Parliamentary democracy
  • Development Philosophy: Gross National Happiness (add video from current homepage)
  • Time: 6 hours ahead of GMT
  • Currency: Ngultrum
  • National Animal: Takin (Budorcas taxicolor) known to the Bhutanese as Dong Gyem Tsey
  • National Bird: Raven (Corvus Corax Tibetanus)
  • National Flower: Blue Poppy (Mecanopsis Grandis)
  • National Tree: Cyprus (Cupresses Corneyana)
  • National Sports: Archery

Gross National Happiness